metal frame cnc sheet metal press brake machine 300 Ton 6000mm / 4000mm

press brake machine

Metal Frame Cnc Sheet Metal Press Brake Machine 300 Ton 6000mm/4000mm

CNC Press Brake Description:

1. Equipped with special controller with automatic test and self-diagnosis.
2. Programming a product simply consists of introducing the characteristics of the material to be bent, the dimensions of the product and the necessary tooling & die.
3. The optimizing software searches for the best bending cycle.
4. RAM stroke(Y1, Y2) and backgauge (X, R, Z) are controlled by controller automatically, high productivity.
5. Adopting Electro-hydraulic proportional servo synchronization.
6. Optional point within stroke can be controlled. Repeat precision of Y axes: ± 0.01mm, Parallism: 0.02mm.
7. Strong ability of deviation resistance. Backgauge adopts ball-bearing screw and rolling guideway, quick speed and high repeat positioning precision.
8. X axes with resolution 0.1mm. Imports including linear transducer, pressure proportional valve and servo motor.

The models are available in variety of tounge from 40 ton up to 1000 ton and length from 2000 mm up to 8000 mm. The specifications below 300 ton refer to Series Euro-Pro B. Any tailor-made are available on request.

Features for CNC Press Brake:

CNC Synchro Euro-Pro B Series Press Brake
Descriptions of CNC Synchro Press Brake:

Hydraulic system:

-A complete electrolyte servo synchro CNC (Computer Numerical Control) controlled press brake.
-Adopt Bosch electrolyte servo system (from Germany)

Mechanical system:

- Two light rulers are installed at the two ends of the slide, making the slide movement be parallel to the working table
- Adopt the working table compensation structure.
- The CNC servo motor of the back gauge gives a high positioning accuracy.

CNC system:

- The DA69 computer imported from Holand Delem Co.
- Automatically calculate the working time and quantities of press brake actions.
- For single step operation, the user only needs to input the relevant data into the system, and then the system will check out the pressure needed for press brake and get every thing in order.
- When making several steps press brake actions on the parts, the user just needs to input the intended dimensions into the system, and then the system can make continuous press brake actions according to the requirements.
- Can store 25 press brake procedures.
- Give alarm signals on incorrect operations
- Automatically control the following datum: Pressure discharge time, pressure keeping time, press brake pressure, press brake angle, the opening height of slide and etc.

Synchro control system:

-Two light rulers (Y1-Y2) have been installed at the two sides of the machine to measure the exact distances.
-The position data will be delivered to the CNC system and then it can check out the servo valve control signal (S2-S2).

Transmission system:

- High-precision ball screw and linear guide-way
- Panasonic HINAS A4 series; AC servo motor and drive;

Compensation System:

-WILA deflection compensation;
-Automatic worktable compensation for wear and tear of the bed

The deviation resistance ability of the machine tool:

-The electrolyte servo system of this forging machine is an inner closing ring control system, which can check out the synchro discrepancies of the slide by the movement of the light ruler.
-The electrolyte servo valve can correct the slide discrepancies, making the slide parallel to the working table.

Specifications for CNC press Brake

1TypeCnc Sheet Metal Press Brake Machine
2CNC Control AxisY1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2-axis & Crowning
3Tonnage300 Ton
4Bending length6000 mm
5Throat Depth400 mm
6Beam Stroke250 mm
7Daylight470 mm
8Fast Speed150 mm/s
9Work Speed0~10 mm/s
10Return Speed100 mm/s
11Oil Capacity345 Lts
12Back Gauge Stroke1000 mm
13Motor Power30 KW
14Total Length(A)7000 mm
15Total Height(B)3880 mm
16Total Width(B)2100 mm
17Distance Between Frames5100 mm
18Heigth Under the Floor1200 mm
19Machine weight31000 kg


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