Accurl 6+1axis 250T/4000 CNC Press Brake with Delem DA-69T 3D Control

Cnc Press Brake Euro Pro Series

ACCURL® EURO-PRO Series press brake features an CNC crowning system for improved quality, a servo driven back gauge system for increased speeds, and 3D capable graphical control unit to simulate bending sequences and collision points, also has increased working speeds, stroke, daylight, and pressing capacities of PRO Series machines.

The future - as a result of rising energy costs and increasingly cost efficient speed-controlled drives offered on the market, variable-speed solutions are on the advance.

Detailed Images

European design style

1.European design style
2.All electrical from Europe

All electrical from Europe

EURO PRO Series One step beyond Robustness, Energy-efficient, reliability, precision and performance make Euro-PRO an election model.

Lazersafe PCSS A series Safety PLC

3.Lazersafe PCSS A series Safety PLC


DA69T software maximises machine efficiency and production output of press brakes. The Profile T software facilitates offline programming and simulation the bending process. Production preparation, make ability and tooling verification, operator training, adding notes for production and many other functions can be carried out offline.

Finger laser protection from Iris

ACCURL® use LaserSafe LZS-LG-HS guarding system offers a highly effective solution for both operator safety and machine productivity. Designed for use with Lazer Safe's PCSS A Serice, the Lazersafe is category 4 compliant and meets the world's most demanding international safety standards(CE Certified Category 4 Safety Controller with integrated).

5.Finger protection for Lazersafe Iris
6.WIla Clamping System

WIla Clamping System

Innovative and super-fast clamping systems for clamping punches to the upper beams of press brakes. The Universal Press Brake Concept(UPB) makes it possible install New Standard and Clamping Systems on any press brake.

Large Throat

8.Wila style tool with Segmented

Wila style tool with Segmented

ACCURL Pro CNC Crowning and Holder System

This system enables the user to offset deformations of the beam while bending. In this way the angle remains constant throughout the length.

9.Wila Pro Crowning and Holder System

BGA-4 for X and R-Axis CNC Backgauge

ACCURL press brake are provided are equipped with BGA Series CNC backgauge constituted by a solid structure in order to assure the best repetitiveness and high precision in axes positioning.