hydraulic sheet metal cnc guillotine shearing machine From accurl

metal shearing machine

Main Features

1)The machine adopts gate type structure, mainly composed of rack, tool carrier, blade clearance adjustment mechanism, compression mechanism, front block, rear block, hydraulic system and electrical system.
2)The machine and tool using finite element analysis method to the Tsinghua University computer stress situation, welding structure of steel plates, the overall frame after high-temperature annealing treatment to eliminate internal stress, with good strength, stiffness and anti vibration, high accuracy and good precision.
3) The German large floor boring and milling machine is used to make precision machining with one time processing method to ensure the machining precision.
4)Tool rack positioning using rolling guide, do up and down no clearance movement, to achieve shear plate action.
5)Tool carriage return using the principle of nitrogen accumulator and hydraulic coordination to reduce the impact of the backhaul and increase the number of shearing.
6)Auxiliary light line shadow to line device, easy to draw line shear to increase shear speed.
7)The shear angle can be automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the plate and feedback the analog voltage to reduce the distortion of the sheet and improve the shearing quality.
8)The gap between blades can be automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the plate and feedback from the analog voltage.
9)The shear length is automatically calculated and controlled by the system.
10)Matching rack and side positioning block to facilitate the positioning and shearing of wide sheet material.
11)Configuration of the revolving crane control table, the foot switch is equipped with a quick stop device.

Workable and Cutting Blade

The sliding table and the front support device are convenient for feeding, and ensure that the workpiece is not scratched during operation.
The material pressing device adopts the integral circuit and the independent parallel pressing cylinder, and the material pressing device is equipped with rubber pad. When the sheet material is not normal, it can be freely telescopic and tightly pressed on the sheet material, and the pressing force can also be automatically adjusted with the material and thickness of the sheet, without damaging the board surface.
A rectangular blade can be used with four edges. The blade is heat-treated with high strength and good wear resistance.

Nanjing ESTUN E21S CNC Controller Features:

Cutting stroke: built in time relays, easy operation, low cost
One-key backups and restores parameters
Control angle-cutting degree and blade clearance
Metric type, mm/inch transmission
One side positioning, retract function
Blade clearance: encoder feedback, timely displays the size of the blade clearance
Angle cutting: built in angle cutting regulator, eliminating the angular degree indicator and buttons
High-definition LCD display with both Chinese and English languages, multti stage programming, 40 programs, each program has 25 stepts.
Backguage: intelligent positioning, or adjust by hand, remove the mechanical hand positioning device

Schneider Electrics

--Brand electric Schneider, stable and reliable
--DELTA frequency converter prevents the positioning device from swinging horizontally and improves the positioning accuracy.
--The electrical cabinet door opened, power off, to protect the operation safety.

Machine on the Top

--Siemens Main Motor
--The hydraulic control system of the United States First or the German Rexroth hydraulic valve control knife plate moves up and down.
--America Sunny Oil Pump
--German BAUSER and Busak+Shamban Sealing Ring
--German EMB Oil Tube Connectors, the main oil pipe adopts the jacket type.

Basic Info

Model NO.: QC11K
Factory: Yes!
OEM: Yes!
Backgauge: Hiwin Ball Screw and Linear Guide Rail
Servo Drive: Schneider
Electrics: Schneider
Valve: Rexroth
Motor: Siemens
Transport Package: as Your Require
Specification: QC11K
Origin: China
HS Code: 8462399000

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