6 axis cnc hydraulic press brake bending machine for sheet metal 8000mm 1200TN

hydraulic press brake

6 axis CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 8000 mm 1200TN for Sale Sheet Metal Bending 12' 1200 ton Press Brake Machine

Product Application

ACCURL® Press Brakes are known for their precision and reliability: today these characteristics are joined by the high technological options such as the virtual bend software, the thickness measurement system and robot based automation. In the new era of modern press brakes, all of these bends can be done without operator intervention, without tools, without any slowing down of the bending proces.

ACCURL design innovations are based on years of experience and have resulted in Smart-Fab series Press Brakes which allow for faster bending, and a better return and back gauge. Accurl Press Brakes will allow you to mass produce precision parts effectively and decrease your cost per part .

Product Performance


ACCURL® has a strict policy for the choice of its components, on the basis of an extensive experience acquired over decades. All components are certified in accordance with European standards and their main sources are Germany, USA, Holland, Italy and Switzerland. All structural parts are calculated by the finite element method and only high quality steel S275 and S355 JR namely J2 (+ N) is used.

Safety Work

ACCURL® machines comply with the strictest EU regulations with referenceto safety. The devices installed guarantee thorough safety of the operatorwithout reducing the pace of work.

• The most advanced laser systems

• Safety PLCs able to manage and monitor the action of the proportional valves

• Visible dual beam linked to the upper tool: should it be is interrupted, it blocks the movement of the press brake

• Easy adjustment by means of a grading scale

• Constant monitoring of parameters related to safe

Main Features

The frame is heavy-duty as well as compact and it assures precise results.It is made of high quality mild steel and it has undergone systematicmechanical processes.

• Electric welding of high precision

• Usage of high-tech boring machines for extreme precision parts

ACCURL® chooses the best products to guarantee long-lasting and high-techmachines.

ACCURL® selects the best components.


Machine’s main components under guaranteed quality or trustable company

• The motor and electronic system elements are all composed from Siemens or Schneider
• Dies can be designed under clients’ requirement. The machine will be equipped standard molds the drawing will be sent.And the non-standard molds can be designed if the clients can provide the dies drawing or the workingpieces,we will design. The upper mold can be done in section.
• We use Germany Schneider Stroke Button with high good durable stability, the stroke will be worked stable or be suspending without any sudden down movement which is serious dangerous.
• Oil pump can be used from China chengjie enterprise who is used in China’s Aircraft industry.Or we can use Germany ECKERLER enterprises.
• The seal will be from USA Parker or Japan Valqua company.
• The hydraulic system and valve will be from USA OMG or Germany BOSCH company.
• The security protection equipment: The design always care about the worker security when operation both working or checking stationary. We equipped both side magnetic door to avoid any penetration inside. At the back,we will provide 3 Section close door with the middle door moveable and the power will be off when the door open, power on when the door close. The light curtain is useful components to aware any finger in dangerous position.

Delem DA66T CNC Press Brake Control system

1. 2D graphical touch screen programming mode

2. 3D visualisation in simulation and production

3. 17" high resolution colour TFT

4. Full Windows application suite

5. Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)

6. USB, peripheral interfacing

7. User specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment

8. Sensor bending & correction interface

Specifications for CNC press Brake

1TypeCNC Hydraullic Press Brake 1200TN
2CNC Control AxisY1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2-axis & Crowning
3Tonnage1200 Ton
4Bending length8000 mm
5Throat Depth600 mm
6Beam Stroke400 mm
7Daylight920 mm
8Fast Speed65 mm/s
9Work Speed0~10 mm/s
10Return Speed65 mm/s
11Oil Capacity1500 Lts
12Back Gauge Stroke1250 mm
13Motor Power2x45 KW
14Total Length(A)7160 mm
15Total Height(B)3900 mm
16Total Width(B)3300 mm
17Distance Between Frames5200 mm
18Heigth Under the Floor1800 mm
19Machine weight155000 kg


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