CNC servo driven ram turret punch press 50 ton for servo cnc punching machine

MAX SF Series for A punching machine that converts your workshop into one with the highest productivity

Flexibility In Multi Tools:
ACCURL®MAX-SF Series CNC punch press machine is new generation for Servo Hydraulic series, inherited the features of high reliability and durability from series HP. With Germany H+L advanced servo hydraulic system, its powerful punching capacity is good for thick sheet. Multi-functional for punching, forming, roller cutting and tapping, substantial reduce the stand-by time and increase material utilization. Furthermore, high speed, high accuracy, energy saving, and high integrated assembly construction, efficient reduce maintenance cost.

Advanced Servo System:
●Advanced CNC Hydraulic Servo system with pressure valve to precisely control the speed, volume and pressure of oil flow.
●To control the RAM stroke distance on both ends, hence the height and depth of each punch becomes programmable with 0.1mm accuracy.
●Uniquely designed Machine structure ensures less preventive maintenance
●The AC punch servo motor can be programmed for various applications.

I) High speed applications.
II) Low noise applications.
III) Forming applications.

●The punch servo utilizes a direct drive gearbox that supplies power and speed,the servo allows the user to steplssly adjust the punch stroke and accommodate any pressure curve requirements.

Complex Multi-Tools Auto Index Technology:
●Synchronized dual servo motors for controlling the auto index functions.
●2 D Auto Index Stations for Multi Tools, either 3 B or 8 A.
●Capable of indexing each individual tool within the 3B and 8A Multi Tool set.
●24 various size stations including 4 Auto Index stations Multi Tools.Therefore, a total of 24 to 52 tools can be employed.
●Capable of running wheel, marking, grooving and forming Tooling.
•The ACCURL is compatible with thick turret tooling,the wide variety of specialty tools com-bined with the programmable ram means the ACCURL can deliver for any application.

Standard Equipments :
●Accurl Direct Drive servo punch system
●Fanuc CNC and high precision absolute encoder, dynamic, brushless alfa series servo motors
●3 automatic repositioning clamps and loading switches.
●FANUC Series Oi-PO CNC Control System
●Aluminum workholder
●Tool lubricating system (Airblow).
●Free standing control panel.
●Control with foot pedal.
●Tools stuck safety system
●1 software (Lantek or RADAN software).
●24 or 42 turret stations
●Digital oil temperature indicator.
●Software for using wheel and forming tools.
●Sheet jumping switches
●Scrap box.
●Chain protection around the machine (safety system).

New ACCURL® high-tech TP and TC turret punch presses are produced as a closed type rigit Steel construction into a rigit structure, the finite analysis system was used in the design and simulation process to allow minumum deflection during operation. No deflection between the turret and tools occurs during the punching process and it increase tool life. TPP series turret punch presses has 2 models with 27 station/700 stroke and with 33 station/900 stroke which helps to finish all the work at onces even on very complicated sheet products. So ACCURL turret punch presses provides a complete solution with optimum cost.

• Siemens AC servo motors on all axis
• High precious positioning possibility with linear sledge system on all axis.
• Platform type on bridge side or Portable CNC control panel
• CNC control outputs/inputs for vacum table & filtering unit
• High vacuming capability with lower energy consaption
• Independent cutting table system
• Multi head Plazma and multi head oxy fuel cutting possibilities.
• +/- 0,02 mm positioning accuracy.
• +/- 30m/min positioning speed.