siemens cnc amada turret punching machine 4 axis 32 stations horizontal

amada cnc punch press

Siemens SF-20T CNC Amada CNC Punch Press for 4 Axis CNC Punching 32 Stations

Product Description

The new generation of ACCURL turret punch is a low energy, high efficiency turret punch with low environmental and maintenance costs.

1. The ACCURL can be configured in 22 or 33 ton options

2. The ACCURL was designed with a think turret to ensure longevity of the machine and its tools and to minimize tool deflection.

3. ACCURL performs full punches, hovering, marking and forming operations.

4. The SF model can be upgraded with our Ultra Package which can decrease part processing times by up to 40%.

Main Features

1. Touch-screen 15″

2. Costumizable interface

3. CAM with graphic interface grafica on the machine

4. Value for money

5. Saving standard tools cost of 30%

6. Entrylevel machine

7. Machine functions to realize embossments, tapping, bending and high speed forming


Motor Brusheless FANUC

Stroke, speed, acceleration and penetration of the tool fully programmable

Absence of hydraulic oil

SoftPunch functions for noise reduction working hight thickness

30 Tons

380 strokes/min & step 25,4 mm

CNC system

7.5-inch LCD color monitor

Rear port: Connect the machine control panel USB interface, RS232C, distributed and integrated I / O

1. Axis, independent digital control of three-dimensional coordinate movement.

2. the servo motor controlled precision ball screw drive and locking.

3. the three-dimensional coordinates can be manually fast, slow moving and incremental movement.

4. the absolute coordinates and relative coordinates programming.

5. screw backlash software compensation.

6. decimal data input.

7. using ISO standard NC code programming.

8. recall, modify, delete, insert other editing functions.

9. the dry run self-diagnostics, the program displays an error.

10. overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, wrong phase protection.


The punch serve utilizes a direct drive gearbox that supplies power and speed. This

servo allows the user to sleeplessly adjust the punch stroke and accommodate any

pressure curve requirements.

2. Integrated auto-index system

Rotate all tools(standard,special)from 0° to 360°

Complex nesting realization

Cost reduction for tool investment minimum step

programmble 0,01°

3. Standard tooling

Machine tooling with Style orTECHNOLOGY

Style tools

Multi-tool with 5-10 stationssaving -30%*

4. Horizontal tool change system

All auto-index stations

Flessibe configuration

Setup time extremely reduced 18 auto-index tools


Access to the machine on 3 sides

Processing of metal sheet format bigger than Y stroke

Standard Execution

1. ‘O’ Frame design tested by Finite Element Analysis software, precisely machined and stress relieved to ensure high precision
2. Hydraulic punching with indexable tool station through 360° in increments of 0.001°
3. Punching, cutting and forming processes subject to optional tooling fitted -controlled by the CNC according to material
4. Capable of producing not only 2D components but when fitted with special tools can create 3D forms which wouldn’t be possible when using a profiling process
5. High nibbling rate of 600 hits per minute in 1mm pitch
6. High capacity motors and precision guides on all axes able to reach high operational speeds
7. Rigid beam with fitted with two sheet clamps capable of positioning sheets of up to 8mm thickness
8. Very accurate repeatability of 0.04mm
9. Clamping force adjusted by CNC from 100kg to 1000kg
10. Repositioning feature
11. High processing speeds and data transfer rates

Technical Parameters of the Hydraulic Driven CNC Turret Punch Press

Item / ModelSMART-SF-20T
Nominal ForcekN200
Max. Sheet Thicknessmm6.35
Max. Tool SizemmΦ88.9
Max. Sheet Size(One-time repositioning)mm1250×5000
Punching Accuracymm± 0.1
Driving SystemDrive TypeServo V.R.
AC Motor PowerkW16
Max. Sheet Weightkg150
Max. Marking Rateh.p.m1800
Max. Punching Rate (10mm stroke)1mm pitchh.p.m1000
25mm pitch500
Max. Feed Ratem/min110
Quantity of Rotary Station40(4)/50(2IT/2MT)
Rotary StationExchangeable Tool TypeC/D/MT6A/E
Quantity of Secondary Indexing Sub-tools12
Quantity of Control Shaftpcs6+1(X/Y1/Y2/T/C/C1/A)
Machine Weightkg16000
Overall Dimensionsmm4965×5200×2110
Product NameAmada CNC Punch Press