CNC hydraulic turret punch press for 30 ton cnc punching press machine

ACCURL® is a leading brand within the CNC punching market place due to its experience and quality standards. SF CNC Turret Punch Press quality crowned with hydraulic drive construction combines the world’s best brands in hydraulic, electronic and mechanical compounds in one machine. Specifically designed to meet customer requirements; its rigid steel structure + mono block frame allows you to punch up to 6 mm thick sheets.

• Tough construction with the same solid framework we use for all of Accurl CNC Punch Press.
• User friendly GE FANUC 31i-PB CNC Controller unit.
• 3 automatic repositioning clamps and loading switches.:
• Suitable for 1500x3000mm sheets
• Brushed table with automatic ball bearing.
• Auto repositioning clamps.
• Clamp safety check system.
• Tool lubricating system (Airblow).
• 32 station turret including 2 indexable D stations
• Software for using wheel and forming tools.
• Hardened, grinded tools and clamps for quick tools adjustment
• Chain protection around the machine (safety system).
• Usage of high-tech boring machines for extreme precision parts:
• ACCURL® chooses the best products to guarantee long-lasting and high-tech machines.
• ACCURL® selects the best components.
• In built safety systems (light guards & Laser beam safety photocells as standard, CE certified.)


Supporting Ball Set
Anti-vibration Foot Mounts
Sheet Distortion Sensor
Heavy-duty Clamp
Die Holder Brush
Repositioning Cylinder

Punch Frame

Name: Stress Relieved Bridge Frame Construction
Finite element analysis is on high performance computers is used in the design process. The concept consists of two fully enclosed box fabrications that are welded put under high load and stress relieved. The result is reduced vibration and deflection under full loads providing greater part precision, reduced tool wear, and noise reduction.

Programmable Work Chute

A large (15.7 x 23.6) programmable work chute allows automatic discharge of parts into a parts container. This feature is available optionally on all other models.

Programmable Sheet Clamps

The position of the sheet clamps are automatically set by standard program information. Contact sensors automatically stop the machine if these sensors detect any movement of the sheet while it is clamped.

Rotational Head:

The full 360° programmable head achieves 40 revolution per minute. A harmonic zero backlash gear driven system provides accurate positioning and control.

Indexable Multi-Tools

3,6,8 and station indexable multi-tools reduce tool changes and increase flexibility. Programmable to .02° with no upper and lower mechanical connections provides perfect alignment of the upper and lower tool. Even defects or worn tools can be offset.

Flexible Turret Concepts

-Thick turret tooling concept is used with all stations bushed. It can be equipped with up to six indexable multi-tool stations (center). Station-to-station indexing is done in three seconds or less.
-All dies are positioned below the table surface preventing marking of the sheet. Micro tags can be reduced to minimum for more precise parts.

CNC control System

Siemens 840 Dsi Series CNC Control
Accurl has chosen the very powerful Siemens 840 DsI CNC Control, which has been specially designed for punching.
Some of the features are:
•Movable Control Cabinet
•Ethernet and Network Communication Connections
•UPS Electrical Component Surge Protection System
•Internal Diagnostics w/Graphic Visualization
•Online Help Messages
•Telediagnostics via Modem (optional)
•Auto Optimization of sheet speed according to Sheet Mass
•Graphic Programming @ Machine Control
•Sheet Layout & Automatic Calculation of Sheet Layout