High quality servo cnc hydraulic turret punch press machinery

ACCURL-CNC Punch Press is a leading brand within the punching market place due to its experience and quality standards. HPI CNC Turret Punch Press combines the world’s best brands in hydraulic, electronic and mechanical compounds in one machine.

General Features
1.Accurl Turret Punch, presses are produced as a closed type rigid steel constructionsin to a robust structure to allow minimum deflection during operation.
2.Operating System is CNC and hydraulic.
3.Accurl Turret Punch 4 axes controlling; X, Y axes for movement of sheet, T axes:Turret rotation, C axis: Auto-index station rotation for indexing tools.
4.The 32 station Turret as to allow punching complicated, multi anddifferent size holes parts in a single operation.
5.Auto –index stations can punch to required angle for various angle shape parts with CNC controller.
6.Precision forming and roller tools can be use on the Turret, therefore TP Turret punch provides
7.Complete solutions with effective costs.

Design to Production;
Metalix CNCCAD CAD/CAM software offersan integrated system cover to the user whichincludes the complete cycle of CNC operation.

New Drive Ram Mechanism

The ram drive of SMART-SF has incorporated CFRP in the part of toggle mechanism connected directly to the servomotor making it lighter in weight and more rigid. The new drive mechanism and the replacement of the alternating movement decreases vibration by 65%. In addition, a reduction of motor heat saves energy in cooling and the resuscitation of electric energy when braking.

Standard Equipments
•4 Axes CNC System
•ANUC PC CNC unit, servo motors and drivers
•Rexroth and HL hydraulic unit
•32 Stations Turret10 A Stations16 B Stations2 C Stations4 D Station (2 of them Auto Index)
•Repositioning of Clamps
•Automatic reference
•CAD/CAM program
•Automatic Clamping