6-axis hydraulic cnc press brake 200 Ton 3100mm for cnc backgauge X R Z1 Z2-axis

hydraulic press brake 200 ton

6-Axis Hydraulic CNC Press Brake 200 Ton 3100mm for CNC Backgauge X R Z1 Z2-axis with ECOPOWER technology

op range "Made for Europe", with CE standard safety guards from 30 to 6000 tons & from 1,5 to 12 mt

ACCURL® EURO-PRO B Series 160 ton CNC press brake features an automatic CNC crowning system for improved quality, a DELEM DA66T 3D capable graphical control unit to simulate bending sequences and Backgauge has four CNC axes (X, R, Z1, Z2-axis) which is being moved with ball screw-shaft, guided by linear guide, driven by AC YASKAWA servo motor;

ACCURL® machines comply with the strictest EU regulations with reference to safety. The devices installed guarantee thorough safety of the operator without reducing the pace of work.

CE Standard Safety Guards for 200 Ton 3100mm CNC Press Brake:

2. Two sides door-type safety guard and rear safety guard with rear door
3. Doors equipped with electric safety switch
4. Safety covers for inside and outside main cylinder
5. Safety covers for front and back of CNC crowning system
6. Often-use internal hexagonal key spanner for adjusting tools

Security Options for different areas:

1. LAZERSAFE LZS003, Australia laser guarding
2. CE standard safety guards
3. Hydraulic system with middle-position monitoring function + Fiessler AKAS-IIF (inside PLC)
4. Hydraulic system with middle-position monitoring function + Fiessler AKAS-LCIIF (inside PLC, laser beam aligning ) + other CE requirement
5. Hydraulic system with middle-position monitoring function + Pilz safety PLC + Leuze light curtain

Standard Components for 200 Ton 3100mm CNC Press Brake:

1. CNC ESA S630 with colour graphics
2. Tool kit: 4 V die (V=16-22-35-50) series of 835mm punches with a fractioned one
3. Hydraulic crowning system managed by CNC
4. GIVI optical scales
5. Lazer Safe dual beam photocells
6. Voith pump
7. Hoerbiger hydraulic system
8. High efficiency motor – class IE3
9. Double guided ram
10. Electrical cabinet with Telemecanique-Schneider,Esautomotion, ABB components
11. HOERBIGER hydraulic valve block, pump and valves

Machine assembly and transportation:

Specifications for 200 Ton 3100mm CNC Press Brake:

1TypeEuro Pro B200T/3100 CNC Press Brake
2Delem CNC SystemDELEM DA66T CNC Controller
3CNC Control AxisY1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2 axis Crowning
4Bending Length3100 mm
5Bending Capacity2000 kn
6Distance between side frames2700 mm
7Gap400 mm
7Daylight Opening470 mm
8Stroke200 mm
9Table Height950 mm
10Table Width140 mm
11Fast Approach Speed180 mm/s
12Max. Bending Speed10 mm/s
13Return Speed140 mm/s
14Motor18.5 kw
15Outline Size
4200×1900×2900 mm
16Weight+/-15000 kg
17Backgauge Stroke750 mm


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