cnc hydraulic press brake length of bending 6000mm

cost-effective hydraulic press brake

I Performance

1.WE67K-160/6000 hydraulic plate press brake, adopt the Holland DELEM system; Vibrate, friendly user interface,special shortcut key pattern,the tight and high cost performance numerical control system can provide you with strong and economical produce project

2.This technical project is limited to (hereinafter referred to as the buyer) and Jiangsu Zhongwei Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the supplier) buy WE67K-160/6000 mm bending machine order to use

3.This project suggested is the lowest technical requirements,and we don not make the rule of the technical details,we also have not used the relative standard and the normative article,supplier should provide the buyer with high quality products which were accord with the technical projects and relate to the new technical standard.

4.If the supplier have not raised some different suggestions on paper, then the supplier should provide the products that fully meet the requirements in the technical project.

5.If the project standard conflict with the supplier´s standard, please carry out the higher standard.

6.The technical requirements of this technical project and the referenced standard are both the lathe acceptance standard.

II Technical requirements

1.Designing,manufacturing,checking,installing should follow and consult the main current standard

JB/1829      Metal forming machine  general technical specification

GB/17120-1997Metal forming machine  safety engineering

JB/T 2257.1-1992  Panel veneer press brake   technical requirements

JB/T 2257.2-1999  Panel veneer press brake  type and basic parameter JB/GQ-F 2012-86   Panel veneer press brake  quality grade standard

DBS002-91      Panel veneer press brake  Specification and the trail method

GB/T 14349-93     Panel veneer press brake  checking and executive standard

GB/T5226.1-1996 Industry machinery electric equipment  the first part:general technical specification

GB/T15706-1995  Machinery safety

GB/3766        Hydraulic system  general technical specification

JB/T5000.9-1998 Cutting and producing

JB/T5000.10-1998 Assembly

JB/T5000.12-1998 Coating

2.The general technical specification of press brake

2.1 The producing precision should accord with the item requirements of the main precision parameter.

2.2 The press brake without unusual vibrate and when it works,the noise is lower than 85 decibel

2.3 The hydraulic element is normal using and maintenance according to the specification,and it can guarantee the hydraulic element without leakage and natural damage,it also can provide customers with timely and change and maintenance.

2.4 Welding requirements:the welding line appearance and the size of whole weld assembly should achieve the uniformity of discretion size,the connect with the base metal should transition and gentle,and it must proceed the eliminating splash and the necessary polish,to make the surface symmetry and beautiful.

2.5 The whole steel plate structure should treat with annealing to eliminate the inner pressure and to guarantee it with high strength and high precision steady.

2.6 The fashioning surface of the lathe should adopts the oily-type besmear when the processing of manufacturing,assembling and shipping,the machining surface should adopts painting the resistant coating.

2.7 The outside paint color can be carried out according to the requirements of customers.

2.8 Lathe slider,wallboard and board of worktable adopt the plate material of the regular factory,the supplier should provide the buyer with inventory of the steel plate material.

III Lathe model name

1.Model:WE67K-160/6000 press brake

2.Numerical control allocation:Holland DELEM DA52

Numerical control:3+1axis(Y1,Y2,X,V)

IV Main technical parameter


1Normal pressure1600KN 
2Length of working table6000mm 
3Vertical column distance4700mm 
4RAM stroke(oil cylinder stroke)200mm 
5Max open height between slides480mm 
6RAM speed-fall100mm/s 
7RAM speed-pressurized10mm/s 
8RAM speed-rise100mm/s 
9Back Gauge600mm 
10Throat depth400mm 
11Main motor power11KW 
12Control axis number3+1axisY1,Y2,X,V
13CNC systemDA52setHolland  Delem

V. Main precision

ItemUnitPrecision requestRemark
1,Slider Y1,Y2 axis precision 
Repeatability precisionmm≤+0.03 
Positioning precisionmm≤+0.05 
2,Back gauge X axis precision 
Back gauge axis positioning precisionmm≤+0.1 
Back gauge axis repeat positioning precisionmm≤+0.05 
3,Working precision 
Test specimen bending angle precisionmm+ 1°/3000 mm 
Test straightness precisionmm+0.75/1000 mm

VI.Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system and hydraulic element are importedwith originalpackaging Germany BOSCH system,the hydraulic system is prepared for CNC press brake

The system has following features:

(1),Electro hydraulic servo driving,with tight structure,high sealing property,high synchronizing precision and long service life

(2),There with outer drift diameter charging valve,high speed and low damage of outlay.

(3),It adopts Shanghai Chengjie gear high pressure pump and it can stand the high pressure and with low noise.

(4),The oil cylinder sealing adopts the sealing components of America PARKER,low abrade and has no leakage.

(5),The hydraulic system has overload flow protection.

(6),The oil height has clearly and directly display

(7),High precision guide system,position testing system and hydraulic balance function,they can meet the need of whole processing

(8),The lathe can work continuously on the rated burden,the hydraulic system without leakage and steady continuously,it also with high precision

Quick Details

Condition: New
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ACCURL
Model Number: WE67K-160/6000(DA52)
Machine Type: Press Brake
Raw Material: Sheet / Plate Rolling
Power: Hydraulic
Automation: Automatic
Extra Services: Machining
Certification: ISO 9001:2000
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Nominal Pressure: 1600KN
Length of Bending: 6000mm
Model: WE67K-160/6000(DA52)
Numerical control allocation: Holland DELEM DA52
Vertical column distance: 4700mm
RAM stroke(oil cylinder stroke): 200mm
Max open height between slides: 480mm
RAM speed-fall: 100mm/s
Throat depth: 400mm
Main motor power: 11Kw