Robotic CNC press brake for robotic bending cell system

ACCURL press brakes can be used in a robotic cell, either completely robotic, or when a robot and an operator can alternatively use the CNC machines.

Thanks to the ACCURL Bending robot and automatic loading/unloading devices, the cell with two levels of automation - process and operation - is a reliable solution for unattended production, even at night.

All risks associated with part handling during bending are faced by the robot and not by the operator.

The ACCURL Robotic bending cell system can be equipped with different types of loading and unloading connections, depending on the client’s production requirements.
•Loader from a precentred pack.
•Loader from a Cartesian feeder in masked time.
•Cartesian feeder with controlled axes.
•Feeder/unloader for connection in line with ACCURL systems.
•Carousel unloader.
•Roller-surface unloader for pallets.
•Roller-surface unloader for pallets and crates.
•Un-intrusive machine integration with sensors to back gauge fingers and bending beam which follow the programmed sequence of the Accurl press brake.

Main Features:

1.Totally EU streamlined design,Monoblock by welding robots & aparatus and stress relief process by Annealing treatment.
2.All ACCURL machines are designed using SOLID WORKS 3D programming and made with enhanced ST44-1 quality steel with the latest technology.
3.The Accurl 8 axis MB8 CNC Press Brakes are fitted with the new Delem DA69T 3D & 2D graphical touch screen Multi axis controller which is a very user friendly and intuitive programming unit.
4. High quality and repetitive bending is obtained by using synchronized cylinders and valves.
5. Automatic axis referencing and calibrating when machine is turned on.
6. Rigid upper beam runs on 8-point bearings with bending precision of 0.01 mm
7. Well-known top and bottom tool brands are long lasting stiffened and provide precise bending.Silent high pressure pump.