touch screen control cnc press brake machine 6 axis 220T 4000MM siemens motor power

6 axies press brake

6 Axis 220T 4000MM Hydraulic Press Brake Machine CNC with Delem DA66T CNC Y1 Y2 X R-axis

Product Application

ACCURL Hydraulic CNC Press Brake for Sheet Metal Deep-Box Bending Series press brake features an automatic CNC crowning system for improved quality, a servo driven back gauge system for increased speeds, and a 3D capable graphical control unit to simulate bending sequences and collision points.

• Provides a combination of performance, cost effectiveness and easy to use features

• Outstanding Value! Best brake for the money on the market.

• User friendly CNC control unit and software

• Precise bending results

• Tough construction with the same solid framework we use for all of ACCURL CNC Press Brakes

• Large daylight opening allows the entire length of the machine to be put to optimal use

• Designed and built with the objective to help you achieve low cost manufacturing

• Standard 6 axis X, R, Z1, Z2, Y1, Y2 CNC

Product Performance


ACCURL® has a strict policy for the choice of its components, on the basis of an extensive experience acquired over decades. All components are certified in accordance with European standards and their main sources are Germany, USA, Holland, Italy and Switzerland. All structural parts are calculated by the finite element method and only high quality steel S275 and S355 JR namely J2 (+ N) is used.

Product Features

1. 17” high resolution colour TFT

2. Full touch screen control (IR-touch)

3. Full Windows application suite

4. 2D graphical touch screen programming mode

5. 3D visualisation in simulation and production

6. USB, peripheral interfacing

7. Storage capacity 1 GB - 3D graphics acceleration

8. The basic machine control functions are Y1 + Y2 + X1 + X2 + R1 + R2 + Z1+ Z2-axis.

Safe Equipment

• Safety standard(2006/42/EC)
• 1.EN 12622:2009 + A1:2013
• 2.EN ISO 12100:2010
• 3.EN 60204-1:2006 + A1:2009
• Front finger protection(Safety light curtain)
• South Korea KACON foot switch(Level 4 of safety)
• Back Metal safe fence with CE standards
• Safety relay with monitor the pedal switch & safety protection

Detailed Images

Hybrid System

ACCURL® is introducing the hybrid system at the same price as theconventional system, leading to a series of advantages for the customer:a huge energy saving (55% if compared to a traditional machine) and amassive reduction of the oil quantity needed, thanks to the double tank.

Main Features

• Machining accuracy is high: backgauge repositioning accuracy of 0.1mm ram repositioning accuracy of 0.1mm.

• Large processing range: This product slider stroke is 265mm, closed height is 480mm, column distance is 2700mm, backgauge X axis stroke is 500 mm; compared to ordinary products, the products can less you trouble of the following accumulation

• This product adopts the main motor with large power, large flow pump, it can realize adjustable speed, fast speed can easily reach 220mm/s

• This product can reduce the heat generation, hydraulic oil temperature is low, the maximum limit to reduce the damage to the hydraulic components, to extend the service life of the product

• Electro-hydraulic system is adopted to control dual cylinders to get high synchronized controlling accuracy, high bending accuracy, and repositioning accuracy

• Hydraulic auto compensation system is adopted to eliminate the effect of the deformed sliding block during bending which may affect bending quality.

• Multi-functional backgauge which can be expanded into 6 axes, i.e., X1 and X2 axes for back and forth, R1 and R2 axes for up and down and Z1 and Z2 for left and right. The workpiece bending can be realized flexibly.

• Segmented punch can be combined with certain length according to the bending requirement of special workpiece.
• CNC system adopts Delem DA66T/ DA52S CNC system.

Specifications for CNC press Brake

1TypeHydraulic press brake machine cnc
2CNC Control AxisY1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2-axis & Crowning
3Tonnage220 Ton
4Bending length4000 mm
5Throat Depth400 mm
6Beam Stroke200 mm
7Daylight470 mm
8Fast Speed160 mm/s
9Work Speed0~10 mm/s
10Return Speed115 mm/s
11Oil Capacity200 Lts
12Back Gauge Stroke1000 mm
13Motor Power18.5 KW
14Total Length(A)4920 mm
15Total Height(B)2740 mm
16Total Width(B)1930 mm
17Distance Between Frames3100 mm
18Heigth Under the Floor0 mm
19Machine weight13200 kg