heavy duty cnc hydraulic metal sheet plate shearing machine price

cnc hydraulic shearing machine price


1. All machine body is welded assembly by high quality steels from CHINA BAO STEEL ENTERPRISE. After welding procedure, the machine body will be milled to ensure the balance and precision.

2. Mechanical block inside the cylinder to avoid the beam stroke out of gauge.

3. Hand wheel convenient adjustment for the blade clearance

4. The machine has adopted ESTUN E21S CNC system, the back-gauge can go to position accurately. The precision is±0.1MM if frequency transformer is used.

5. All the electronic elements are from CE standard European machine SIMENS, SCHNEIDER. with high stability

6. Thermal limit of the back-gauge working distance to avoid out of gauge broken.

7. Humanistic concern security design in all details and also the scientific details through SIECC standard.

8. All blade use rhombus pendulum shear blade and high rigidity and intensity material,2 edges of shearing blade.

9. Lightening line function to guide convenient shearing

10. Tailored inclined platform for sheared plate taking-off

11. Continuous shear automatically to enhance the efficiency greatly

Standard Equipments

Hydraulic valver:Bosch Rexroth,Germany
Punp:HangFa China/Sunny USA
Ball screw:HIWIN Taiwan(controller up to E200S with linear guide)
Seal ring:DZ Taiwan/NOK Japan
Foot Switch:Karcon South Korea
Front support with measure ruler


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