hign speed steel bending NC press brake machine with estun e21 NC control

nc press brake

160tons 4000mm nc sheet press brake for sale with Estun E21 NC control for Accurl

ACCURL® Easy Bend B Series Hydraulic Press Brake is our most popular model by volume and a true workhorse. Constructed of high quality parts and offering serious reliability, Y-axis Torsion bar syncro technology with high approach, bending and return speeds.

Standard Equipment

● Estun E21 Or Germany ELGO P40 NC Control System
● Plate Support Arms
● Germany Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic
● Germany EMB Tubing connector
● Germany Siemens Main Motor
● Telemecanique/Schneider Electrics
● Hydraulic and Electrical overload protection
● Top and Bottom Tooling ( 86° , R0.6mm)
● DELTA inverter controlled back gauge
● Powered Depth Y-Axis and Back Gauge X-Axis
● HIWIN Ball screws and polished rod with 0,05 mm accuracy
● System Intermediate Upper clamps with Anti Wedges
● Backstop
● Light guards
● Squaring Arm and Front Support Arms

Product Features

● Totally European design, streamlined looking,Monoblock,Welded steel frame rigid to deflection moment and high tensile with ST44 A1 material.
● ACCURL Press Brake is Equipped with the Estun user-friendly user interface,the E21 provides all main press brake functionality.
● Automatic tonnage and stroke adjustment for bending angles.Perfect bending results with easy angle input and operation of machine.
● All tubes are connected by tube insertings to avoid oil lost and burst by welding tubes.
● Ball screw and line guide was designed to improve precision.
● E-Z fast wedge clamping was designed to change tools quickly.
● Safe fence and the electric interlocker have been designed for the machine to ensure the operation safety.

Product Application

The ACCURL® NC press brake , engineered with great care for details , is a high quality machine tool . The studies made on the framework flections have allowed us to design a product that reacts in the most appropriate and responsive way to the mechanical solicitations , therefore guaranteeing a stable structure , thus a higher precision in bending. This feature is even enhanced by a system of manual crowning . Worth mentioning is also the possibility to add options and upgrades on the configuration , at later stage .

Machine Parts

● Machine Frame
ACCURL® machines are designed from the ground up by our expert engineers with only one goal: to build the best machines imaginable . By combining our unique machine designs with the highest quality materials available , we have achieved our objective and invented some of the most reliable and durable machines in the world .

● Hybrid System

ACCURL® is introducing the hybrid system at the same price as theconventional system, leading to a series of advantages for the customer:a huge energy saving ( 55% if compared to a traditional machine ) and amassive reduction of the oil quantity needed, thanks to the double tank .

● Hydraulic Cylinder
All seals in cylinder is PARKER from USA,Being able to work under rated load continuously , stable working and high precision .

● Double Guided Ram
The double guided ram ensures the stability and the ram-working table perpendicularity . This allows to keep the high precision during the whole bending phase , even with different tools and intermediates, thus ensuring the centering made during the initial tests in time .

● Ram Positioning System
Main Torsion bar machine limitations:
1) Always for center bending ( No off center )
2) No conic bends – Y1 = Y2
3) Impossible tandem connection
4) Mechanical synchronism on Y1/Y2

● Punch and dies
Full length multi V series of 835mm punches with a fractioned one

● X - Axis Back Gauge
ACCURL® press brake are provided are equipped with a back gauge that automatically adjusts the X (depth) axes to ensure your material isalways positioned accurately, resulting in higher quality finished parts.

X-Axis CNC BackGauge:
1) X precision servo-driven back gauge
2) Manually adjustable R and Z1 , Z2- axis
3) High - Speed with HIWIN linear guides
4) Driven by DELTA Servo Motors and drives
5) Complete Backgauge fingers on double linear guide
6) X – axis speeds up to 800 mm / sec and accuracy to 0.01mm

● Speed Arip System
The speed arip system reduces the time spent changing tools by 8.5 times compared with traditional systems .

● Foot Switch
Foot switch from Germany's Siemens ( Category 4 )

● Safety Light Curtain
Back of the machine safety light curtain

ACCURL® product designs combine accuracy, speed, flexibility, durability, reliability and advanced technology to deliver machines with the highest performance-to-price ratio in the industry.

● Automatic calculation of angle, force and axis positioning
● User-friendly control

● Configuration on demand

● Structural compensation system
● Schneider inverter-motorized axis
● Proporcional hydraulics

● Machines with directive CE 2006/95 CE
● Safety light curtain

ACCURL® has a strict policy for the choice of its components , on the basis of an extensiv experience acquired over decades . All components are certified in accordance with European standards and their main sources are Germany , USA , Holland , Italy and Switzerland . All structural parts are calculated by the finite element method and only high quality steel S275 and S355 JR namely J2 ( + N ) is used

Safety work
ACCURL® machines comply with the strictest EU regulations with referenceto safety . The devices installed guarantee thorough safety of the operatorwithout reducing the pace of work
● The most advanced laser systems
● Safety PLCs able to manage and monitor the action of the proportional valves
● Visible dual beam linked to the upper tool: should it be is interrupted, it blocks the movement of the press brake
● Easy adjustment by means of a grading scale
● Constant monitoring of parameters related to safe

Specifications for NC Press Brake Machine

1TypeNC sheet press brake for sale
2Delem CNC SystemEstun E21 NC control
3CNC Control AxisY X axis Crowning
4Bending force160 Ton
5Bending length4000 mm
6Distance between columns3140 mm
7Throat Depth330 mm
8Slide Stroke200 mm
9Stroke Adjustment200 mm
10Max.Shut Height465 mm
11SPM≥6 min-1
12Main Motor Power11 KW
13Machine weight11160 kg
14Outline Size
4800×2250×2560 mm
15Option 1Estun E200 NC control
Option 2DELEM DA41 CNC control

Detailed Product Description

Estun NC System: Estun E21 NC System

Bending Force: 160 Tons

Bending Length: 4000mm

CNC Control Axis: Y X Axis Crowning(Electro-hydraulic Servo)

Electrical Components: Schneider Electrical From French

Motor Power: Siemens From Germany

BackGauge & RAM Drive: Inverter From Schneider Electrical