hydraulic press brake Wc67K 160t 3200 bending machine for sale

press brake for sale

The whole structure of the hydraulic press brake:

Welded structure: the stress of the welded parts can be eliminated by vibration; so this forging press gives high accuracy.
Frame: consists of right and left wall boards, working table, oil box, slot steel and etc. The stress of the welded parts can be eliminated by vibration. The machine enjoys high accuracy and high strength and can be transported easily.
High accuracy,high efficiency,simple and convenient operation,good performance, favorable price and best service.

1. Hydraulic system:

Adopt integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable
Be installed at the top of the oil box, which can assure that the cylinder is always full of oil when the slide is moving down at high speed
Consist of motor, oil pump and valve groups
Complete working cycle can be realized through the control of hydraulic valve.
The working pressure at the right side of the wall board can be adjusted by the remote adjustment valve

2. Protective fence and the safety interlock

Protective fence and the safety interlocker to ensure the operation safety. Power supply switch that is set in the electric box will be automatically turned off when the box's door is opened or the fence is turned up. Protecting barrier with safety interlocker is mounted on the back of the machine. Another, there are travel limit protection and foot pedestal mounted emergency off switch.

3.Synchro control system:

Slide syncho system: adopt steel torsion bar synchro system, simple in structure and high in accuracy
2 ends of slide has 2 synchro fork which make,The system uses upper die compensation to improve the brake precision.
Adopt upper die compensation to improve the brake precision

4. Sectional Ram Clamp Bars:

Separate sectional clamping bars are supplied as standard equipment in order to securely fasten short dies, as well as standard length tooling. Unique crown correcting device is standard.

5. Advance technology and procedures:

This metal machining tool is a kind of steel torsion bar synchro press brake. -Electronic control of back gauges and ram stroke, data displayed and manual setting
Process of cylinder and sealing component:
Cylinder: no.45# steel treated, inner holes fine machined and extruded.
Valve rods: no.45# steel treated, nickel and phosphorous coated outside.

1.Main Features

Hydraulic drive, the machine at both ends of the cylinder placed in the slider, direct drive sliding work.
The use of mechanical block structure, stable and reliable.
Slider stroke maneuver fast tune, manual fine-tuning, counter display.
The use of all welded structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity.
The slider synchronization mechanism uses the torsion axis forcing synchronization.
Wedge-shaped deflection compensation mechanism to ensure a higher bending accuracy

2. Standard Equipment:

Delem DA41 CNC control System
Servo motor control block
HIWIN Ball screws & Polished rod with 0,01mm accuracy
Plate Support Arms
Germany Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic
Germany EMB Tubing connector
Germany Siemens Main Motor
Tele mecanique/Schneider Electrics
Hydraulic &Electrical overload protection
Top and Bottom Tooling(86°,R0.6mm)
Safety Standards(2006/42/EC):

3. Safety Equipment:

1.EN 12622:2009 + A1:2013 2.EN ISO 12100:2010 3.EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009
Front finger Protection(Safety light curtain)
South Korea Kacon Foot Switch(Level 4 of safety)
Back metal safe fence with CE standards
Safety relay with Monitor the pedal switch and safety protection

Advanced proportional valve controls the hydraulic cylinders to work synchronously and achieve precise repeatability performance
• Be capable of be controlled at random point within the stroke
• Repeatability precision +/-0.01mm,parallelism precision +/-0.02mm
• Deflection compensation table or crowning system for high precision
• Holland Delem DA52s CNC together with linear encoder,Bosch-Rexroth valves,servo motors and other famous brand elements to ensure excellent performance

Quick clamps is for easy operation of removing and changing upper punch tools
• Nylon material is used for front support to avoid scractch of sheets and improve the bending process

• Ram stroke (Y1,Y2) and backgauge (X,R,Z) are controlled by CNC
• Backgauge installed with ball screw and linear guide rail,ensuring high accuracy of repetition
• Stop fingers is sliding on linear rail for easy adjustment and high efficiency
• Multi-axis CNC controlled synchronous press brake available as metal sheet fabricating center

Optional elements for delem DA52s synchro cnc press brake
• Laser curtain of FIESSLER brand/ Laser curtain of LNTECH brand for personal saftey, especially to protect the fingers
•Customized specially tools for users' individul production

Basic Info

Model NO.: WC67K 160T 3200
Type: Press Brake
Bending Dies: Alloy Steel
Tubing Connecto: Emb Form Germany Brand
Motor: Siemens
Main Motor: 11kw
Hydraulic System: Bosch Rexroth
Color: Red and Black
Foot Switch: Kacon From South Korea
Electricity: Schneider
Delivery: 30days
Control System: Da41s
Trademark: ACCURL
Transport Package: Plastic Film
Specification: 3750*1715*2450MM
Origin: China Mainland
HS Code: 846221900